LapaDuu is Awesome


LapaDuu was selected as a Visa She’s Next Growth Grant recipient. Hooray!


Visa honored two female business owners in Estonia with €10,000 and one year of free business consulting through Novatore. Visa’s objective is to enhance the conditions for female entrepreneurs, hence the relaunch of the growth grant program, Visa She’s Next, last autumn. LapaDuu also took advantage of the opportunity to apply as well. This year, six winners were chosen in the Baltic countries, and LapaDuu was among them. Hooray! It was truly a joy to be one of those half a dozen awesome female entrepreneurs. It brought a warm feeling to know that someone noticed and appreciated it! Thank you! <3

You can read more about the Visa She’s Next program here: Link

Visa She`s Next 2024 võitjad


Unlike cling film, LapaDuu is antibacterial, breathable and enviroment friendly!

Breathability and antibacterial properties give LapaDuu a significant advantage over plastic wrap. You may have experienced how, for example, herbs tend to get slimy or other edibles tend to rot when wrapped in plastic. With LapaDuu, this never happens because it ensures the edibles have sufficient moisture to prevent them from drying out while allowing them to breathe, just like an apple peel, designed to protect and preserve. That’s why food stays fresh in LapaDuu even longer than in cling film. In addition to the antibacterial properties obtained from beeswax and pine resin, it keeps bacteria away. It all sounds like a magical ability, but in fact, it’s just simple logic and nature at work! Like an apple peel protects the apple, because beeswax is also just pure nature. 😉 For example, a half onion or cheese remains fresh in LapaDuu for up to a month. A lemon lasts for several weeks, just like herbs or bread, and much more. Everything stays fresh in LapaDuu longer than anywhere else.


PS! The following video was created together with a couple of friends, right at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, when everyone was hiding in their burrows, trembling with fear, and not meeting anyone. That time was probably not easy for anyone, including me, who felt lonely and abandoned by the world. Fortunately, I had a couple of brave buddies who were afraid of nothing, not even death. So they came to visit me, defying the dangers, and we made such a cool video for LapaDuu. Thank you to them for coming during this difficult time and saving me from sadness. My wonderful people they are! <3

Enjoying a delicious sandwich anywhere on the go with LapaDuu is awesome! 😉


That’s how you can easily fold a convenient sandwich pocket from the attractive LapaDuu, which you can grab and take with you wherever you go. Just see how well the beeswax wrap folds! :

From LapaDuu, it’s the easiest to fold the world’s most comfortable sandwich pocket, and its embrace is the healthiest, most nature-friendly, and beautiful covering for a sandwich! 😉

Thanks to the magical ability of beeswax, your sandwich stays fresh and delicious in LapaDuu for a long time, and after finishing your bread, the LapaDuu food wrap takes up no space in your travel bag. Super convenient, for sure! In such a portable pouch, you can pack nuts, sliced ​​fruits, or anything to treat yourself on the go.

In addition, it is reusable and 100% biodegradable, organic, and all-natural. Pure cotton, pine resin, jojoba oil, and beeswax only!


LapaDuu is a truly beautiful, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to take a sandwich on the go! 😉